Fierce Eyeshadow Looks to Enhance Green Eyes

If you’re a lucky babe blessed with green eyes, play up your unique eye color with fierce makeup looks. Whether you have hazel, true green, or gold eyes, there are so many ways to accentuate those beautiful jewel tones. It’s fun to play around with all sorts of eyeshadow colors (and of course we encourage it!) but there are some specific tricks to try when doing makeup for green eyes that will absolutely demand attention.

Finding Your Perfect Eyeshadow Color

Take a look at any color wheel and pay attention to the colors opposite one another. You'll see how the green colors are opposite red and violet. These colors are known as complementary colors and when paired together, they create a killer contrast with each other. You can use this color theory with makeup looks to pair eyeshadow colors and enhance the beautiful tones in your eyes to really make them pop.

Eyeshadows with red and violet undertones will always compliment green eyes nicely, while specific tones will bring out the different flecks of colors in green eyes. For example, bring out the gold spots by using deep berry colors or accentuate hazel colors with cooler purples. We always love a killer burgundy eye look for a night out.

We say you should never shy away from playing with vibrant colors, but if a pop of purple isn’t your thing, try starting off with the peach and copper tones of the fiery Green Eyed Goddess palette. The summery vibes of the red undertones will heat up any bold makeup look.

Achieving Your Eyeshadow Look

Simply start off using a fluffy eyeshadow brush to cover your entire lid with Famous Flirt as a base. Then go in with the colors Filthy Rich on the crease and It Crowd on the outer corner to really add drama. Make sure to blend! Don’t you dare let those shimmers go unused, so make sure to add Bold Bling in the center of the eyelid and Satin Seduction in the inner corner. Finish it off with a swipe of black or deep brown liner and a few coats of mascara to complete the look.

These tips and tricks can be applied to any makeup look that you’re going for. Just remember to use matte colors for both your base and crease and save the shimmery shadows to highlight your inner corners and the center of your lid. For a truly mesmerizing green-eyed gaze, get wild with shades of emerald green eyeshadow for a sultry, unforgettable makeup look. Or if you're daring enough, simply put a shimmery electric green shade on the inner corners that match the lightest green color in your eyes.

Build Your Own Color Palette

If you feel like you just can’t find a palette with the perfect color scheme for your green eyes, be a boss and build your own. Our Band of Babes love to grab a customizable eyeshadow palette and choose 6 colors to electrify their eyeshadow looks. We recommend starting with the seductive matte orchid VIP or the shimmery lilac Wild Nights to bring out those green eyes, because why be boring when you could be bold?