Your perfect makeup must-haves. Shop our new kits, eyeshadow, lipstick, lip gloss and blush.

  • Go big with our ultimate lip plumping set of six shimmering glosses and two matte lip liners, featuring three new festive lip polish shades and an intoxicating sparkling Bellini scent.


    ($86.00 VALUE)
  • A full-sized duo of our lip pampering scrub and tinted lip balm to prep your lips so you can power through any party.


    ($36.00 VALUE)
  • A double shot of Xtrovert™ Mascara with Xtra volume, Xtra lift, and Xtra length for the ultimate lash party.


    ($44.00 VALUE)
  • Raise a glass to these Very Important Polishes- A pair of best-selling plumping lip glosses that deliver shimmer and shine with a tantalizing tingle.


    ($32.00 VALUE)
  • Be fierce and feel it with this lip kit featuring a creamy, glass-smooth gloss and shimmer-packed lip polish that visibly plump lips.


    ($32.00 VALUE)
  • Soar to new heights with this duo of BUXOM’s best-selling lip gloss and volumizing mascara.


    ($23.00 VALUE)
  • Buckle up for this pout-plumping duo of best-selling lip glosses with a tantalizing tingle and a shimmer shine finish.


    ($22.00 VALUE)
  • A trio of full-size babe faves - including BUXOM's best-selling lip balm, lip gloss, and mascara - for perfectly plumped lips and lashes.


    ($61.00 VALUE)
  • A dynamic lip liner and gloss duo set that gives a dramatically defined and high-shine nude plumped pout.


    ($43.00 VALUE)
  • Plumping lips has never been easier with this four-piece set packed with balm, liner, and two pout-plumping glosses. Choose your favorite shades and create a custom lip look with major drama and dimension.


    ($78.00 VALUE)
  • An exclusive custom set stocked with four babe faves designed to create volumized lashes, dramatically defined eyes, and a perfectly plumped pout. Make it your own by choosing your favorite shades.


    ($83.00 VALUE)
  • A must-have plumping set with three babe faves for full, flirtatious lashes and plumped looking, mauve lips.



    ($38.00 VALUE)