Lip Balm


Prep your lips with moisturizing lip plumping balms that react to the pH of your lips to create a custom tint.



  • Your lips will be the main attraction with our best-selling plumping lip balm in Big O and plumping lip polish in Celeste providing a soft, sexy pout.


    ($22.00 VALUE)
  • A plumping and moisturizing tinted lip balm that blooms to your custom shade by reacting with the pH level of your lips.


  • A conditioning lip scrub stick that gently exfoliates lips for a smooth, supple, and sexy pout with a tropical twist.


  • A full-sized duo of our lip pampering scrub and tinted lip balm to prep your lips so you can power through any party.



    ($36.00 VALUE)
  • A must-have plumping set stocked with three babe faves for full, flirtatious lashes and plumped looking, nude lips.



    ($61.00 VALUE)